The right to informal self-determination and the protection of personal rights are valuable assets that must be protected. However, this is proving to be difficult. Technical progress is proceeding rapidly thanks to smartphones, cloud computing and the constantly availible networking through the internet.

Modern IT and the possibilities it offers mean that personal data is constantly being processed. Every commpany, every organisation and every assosiation must ensure that personal data is handled in accordance with the legal requirements. It is irrelevant how many employees are employed. However, if more than nine people automatically collect, process or use personal data, you are legally obliged to appoint a data protection officer.


External Data Protection Officer

In this case, you can benefit from the option of an external data protection officer. The certified company data protection officers of Lumen IT Consulting GmbH set up a data protection organisation in your company and also advise you during operation. Our aim is to achieve the legally required standard quickly and with the minimum of effort, so that you can focus on your core business.

The service portfolio of our external data protection officers includes:

  • Initial analysis
  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Data privacy report
  • Preperation of all necessary documents
  • Advising the management and employees
  • Permanent support as company data protection officer
  • Employee training
  • Staff sensitation
  • Advice on the implementation of new or existing systems
  • Advice with regard to your individual IT landscape

With a company data protection officer from Lumen IT Consulting GmbH, your receive certified expert know-how, which makes experience with other companies usable and valuable for you through synergy effects. In addition to the above-mentioned advantages, there are also economic benefits for you. There is no need for mandatory training and further education and you do not have to release an internal data protection officer from his or her actual work. Furthermore, you counteract a possible conflict of interest in this way.

At the same time, you as a company remain flexible. In contrast to the internal data protection officer, the external data protection officer does not enjoy any special protection against dismissal and you can terminate the contractual relationship in due course.

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