The threat to IT infrastructure has increased over the past few years. The methods are becoming more efficient and the attacks more professional. The internet and social networks have become the communication medium for many companies to exchange business-relevant information with clients, suppliers or employees. As a result, confidential data can be unintentionally leakes onto the net. In addition, the negligent handling of confiedntial information by oneˋs own employees can cause great damage. Employees often discuss or edit internal company data in public areas, which can be overheard or read by other people. But spies can also obtain confidential information by establishing a personal relationship with the employee. The trigger for such secruity breaches is not technology, but the individual.

The company can largely protect itself against technical attacks by means of hardware and software. Ignorance, lack of understanding and insufficient sense of responsability, ranging from data leakage to technical problems, are eliminated by raising the awareness of IT users. Therefore, the topic of IT secruity awareness is moving more and more into focus.

We offer IT secruity awareness measures or one-time training courses in your company. These are individually adapted to your company, i.e. tailored to the corporate culture and the IT structure. Depending on the clientˋs objectives, an IT secruity awareness measure can vary in duration and form. In this way, the employees as well as the managers of the company are sensitised to IT secruity so that they recognise their responsability.

Additionally, we offer you complete secruity awareness campaigns, the contents of which are either specified by us or coordinated with the client. Awareness campaigns aim to sensitise your employees to the fact that the protection of confidential information is largely depeendant on their own behaviour. In addition, an active and living secruity culture should be established in your company.

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